The World Bank Administrative Tribunal

The World Bank Administrative Tribunal was established by the Board of Governors of the Bank in 1980. The Tribunal is the independent judicial forum of last resort for the resolution of cases submitted by members of the staff of the Bank Group alleging non-observance of their contracts of employment or terms of appointment. The Tribunal's decisions are final and binding.

The Tribunal is composed of seven judges, all of whom are nationals of different Member States of the Bank. The judges are not members of Bank Group staff and are appointed for fixed terms. The judges must be persons of “high moral character” and must “possess the qualifications required for appointment to high judicial office or be jurisconsults of recognized competence.” They are appointed by the Executive Directors of the Bank from a list of candidates drawn up by the President of the Bank after appropriate consultation.

Useful information for applicants and potential applicants about the Tribunal and its procedures.

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Applications filed with the Tribunal must comply with the requirements of Rule 7 and Annex 1 of the Tribunal's Rules. Applicants may use the form below to complete and submit their applications.

Guide to Completing the Application Form
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TEL: (202) 458-0271 
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Staff based in country offices may reverse the telephone charges, or may provide a number where they may be reached.

Recent Judgments and Orders
Title Number Date
Gonzalez Flavell (No. 4) v. IBRD 597
EV v. IFC 596
EQ v. IFC 595
D'Costa v. IBRD 594
EU v. IBRD 593
ET v. IBRD 592
DK (No. 2) v. IBRD 591
DZ (No. 2) v. IBRD 590
DZ v. IBRD 589