Title Number Date Judgment/Order Summary
GL v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 666 Judgment/Order Summary
GK v. The World Bank Group 665 Judgment/Order Summary
de Vletter (No. 2) v. IBRD 664 Judgment/Order Summary
GJ v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 663 Judgment/Order Summary
EO (No. 3) v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 662 Judgment/Order Summary
Brar v. IBRD (Merits) 661 Judgment/Order Summary
GI v. IFC 660 Judgment/Order Summary
GH v. IFC 659 Judgment/Order Summary
GG v. IFC 658 Judgment/Order Summary
Andriamilamina (No. 4) v. IFC (Merits) 657 Judgment/Order Summary
ER (No. 3) v. IBRD (Merits) 656 Judgment/Order Summary
GM v. IBRD Judgment/Order
GA v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 655 Judgment/Order Summary
Andriamilamina (No. 4) v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 654 Judgment/Order Summary
FZ v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 653 Judgment/Order Summary
FY v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 652 Judgment/Order Summary
FR v. IFC (Merits) 651 Judgment/Order Summary
GC v. IBRD 650 Judgment/Order Summary
FW and FX v. IBRD 649 Judgment/Order Summary
FV v. IBRD 648 Judgment/Order Summary
Brar v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 647 Judgment/Order Summary
FU v. IBRD 646 Judgment/Order Summary
FT v. IBRD 645 Judgment/Order Summary
Chaturvedi v. IBRD 644 Judgment/Order Summary
GB v. IBRD Judgment/Order
GE v. IFC Judgment/Order
GD v. IBRD Judgment/Order
FM v. IBRD (Merits) 643 Judgment/Order Summary
FL v. IBRD (Merits) 642 Judgment/Order Summary
Atkinson v. IBRD (Merits) 641 Judgment/Order Summary
FS v. IBRD and IDA (Preliminary Objection) 640 Judgment/Order Summary
FR v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 639 Judgment/Order Summary
FQ v. IFC 638 Judgment/Order Summary
FP v. IFC 637 Judgment/Order Summary
FA (No. 2) v. IBRD 636 Judgment/Order Summary
ER (No. 3) v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 635 Judgment/Order Summary
FO v. IBRD 634 Judgment/Order Summary
Sahin v. IBRD 633 Judgment/Order Summary
FN v. IBRD 632 Judgment/Order Summary
FM v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 631 Judgment/Order Summary
FL v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 630 Judgment/Order Summary
EO (No. 2)v. IFC (Merits) 629 Judgment/Order Summary
Atkinson v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 628 Judgment/Order Summary
FK v. IBRD 627 Judgment/Order Summary
FJ v. IBRD 626 Judgment/Order Summary
FI v. IBRD 625 Judgment/Order Summary
FH v. IBRD 624 Judgment/Order Summary
FG v. IBRD 623 Judgment/Order Summary
Brace (No. 2) v. IFC Judgment/Order
EO (No. 2) v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 622 Judgment/Order Summary
Brace v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 621 Judgment/Order Summary
Andriamilamina (No. 3) (Preliminary Objection) v. IFC 620 Judgment/Order Summary
de Vletter v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 619 Judgment/Order Summary
Gonzalez Flavell (Nos. 14, 15, 16, and 17) v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 618 Judgment/Order Summary
Gonzalez Flavell (Nos. 11 and 12) v. IBRD 617 Judgment/Order Summary
Gonzalez Flavell (Nos. 5 and 7) v. IBRD (Merits) 616 Judgment/Order Summary
FC v. IBRD 615 Judgment/Order Summary
Andriamilamina (No. 2) v. IFC 614 Judgment/Order Summary
FB v. IBRD (Merits) 613 Judgment/Order Summary
FA v. IBRD 612 Judgment/Order Summary
FF v. IBRD Judgment/Order
FD v. IBRD Judgment/Order
FE v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Gonzalez Flavell (No. 13) v. IBRD 611 Judgment/Order Summary
Gonzalez Flavell (No. 10) v. IBRD 610 Judgment/Order Summary
FB v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 609 Judgment/Order Summary
Kobli (No. 2) v. IBRD 608 Judgment/Order Summary
Tange v. IBRD 607 Judgment/Order Summary
ER (No. 2) v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 606 Judgment/Order Summary
Gonzalez Flavell (No. 8) v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 605 Judgment/Order Summary
Gonzalez-Flavell (Nos. 6 and 9) v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 604 Judgment/Order Summary
Gonzalez Flavell (Nos. 5 and 7) v. IBRD 603 Judgment/Order Summary
GF v. IBRD 602 Judgment/Order Summary
EZ v. IFC 601 Judgment/Order Summary
EY v. IBRD 600 Judgment/Order Summary
EV v. IFC 599 Judgment/Order Summary
DZ (No. 2) v. IBRD (Merits) 598 Judgment/Order Summary
EX v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Gonzalez Flavell (No. 4) v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 597 Judgment/Order Summary
EV v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 596 Judgment/Order Summary
EQ v. IFC (Merits) 595 Judgment/Order Summary
D'Costa v. IBRD 594 Judgment/Order Summary
EU v. IBRD 593 Judgment/Order Summary
ET v. IBRD 592 Judgment/Order Summary
DK (No. 2) v. IBRD 591 Judgment/Order Summary
DZ (No. 2) v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 590 Judgment/Order
DZ v. IBRD (Merits) 589 Judgment/Order Summary
EW v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Kobli v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 588 Judgment/Order
BI (Nos. 6 and 7) v. IFC (Merits) 587 Judgment/Order Summary
ER v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 586 Judgment/Order Summary
Moss v. IBRD (Merits) 585 Judgment/Order Summary
EQ v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 584 Judgment/Order Summary
Bhadra v. IBRD 583 Judgment/Order Summary
CR (No. 2) v. IBRD 582 Judgment/Order Summary
EP v. IBRD 581 Judgment/Order Summary
EO v. IFC 580 Judgment/Order Summary
EN v. IFC 579 Judgment/Order Summary
EM v. IBRD 578 Judgment/Order Summary
EL v. The World Bank Group 577 Judgment/Order Summary
ES v. IBRD Judgment/Order
DP (No. 2) v. IBRD 576 Judgment/Order Summary
DG (No. 2) v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 575 Judgment/Order Summary
BI (Nos. 6 and 7) v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 574 Judgment/Order Summary
EK v. IBRD 573 Judgment/Order Summary
EJ v. IBRD 572 Judgment/Order Summary
Moss v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 571 Judgment/Order Summary
González Flavell (No. 2) v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 570 Judgment/Order Summary
EI v. IBRD 569 Judgment/Order Summary
EH v. IFC 568 Judgment/Order Summary
EG v. IBRD 567 Judgment/Order Summary
DO (No. 2) v. IBRD 566 Judgment/Order Summary
Nkoa v. IBRD Judgment/Order
González Flavell (No. 3) v. IBRD Judgment/Order Summary
DC (No. 3) v. IBRD 565 Judgment/Order Summary
BI (No. 5) v. The World Bank Group (Preliminary Objection) 564 Judgment/Order Summary
EB v. IBRD 563 Judgment/Order Summary
EA v. IFC 562 Judgment/Order Summary
EC v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 561 Judgment/Order Summary
DZ v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 560 Judgment/Order Summary
DY v. IBRD 559 Judgment/Order Summary
DC (No. 2) v. IBRD 558 Judgment/Order Summary
DX v. IBRD 557 Judgment/Order Summary
DW v. IBRD 556 Judgment/Order Summary
DQ v. IBRD (Merits) 555 Judgment/Order Summary
Njinkeu v. IBRD (Merits) 554 Judgment/Order Summary
González Flavell v. IBRD 553 Judgment/Order Summary
DK v. IBRD (Merits) 552 Judgment/Order Summary
DV v. IFC 551 Judgment/Order Summary
DR and DS v. IFC 550 Judgment/Order Summary
DQ v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 549 Judgment/Order
DJ v. IFC (Merits) 548 Judgment/Order Summary
DP v. IBRD 547 Judgment/Order Summary
DO v. IBRD 546 Judgment/Order Summary
BS (No. 2) v. IBRD 545 Judgment/Order Summary
DN v. IBRD 544 Judgment/Order Summary
Houdart v. IBRD 543 Judgment/Order
DM v. IFC 542 Judgment/Order Summary
DT v. IFC 541 Judgment/Order Summary
BI (No. 4) v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 540 Judgment/Order Summary
DU v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 539 Judgment/Order
Njinkeu v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 538 Judgment/Order Summary
DH (No. 2) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
DK v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 537 Judgment/Order Summary
DJ v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 536 Judgment/Order Summary
Hanney v. IFC 535 Judgment/Order Summary
DE v. IFC (Merits) 534 Judgment/Order Summary
DI v. IBRD 533 Judgment/Order Summary
Bauman v. IBRD 532 Judgment/Order Summary
DH v. IBRD 531 Judgment/Order Summary
DC v. IBRD (Merits) 530 Judgment/Order Summary
Alrayes v. IFC (Merits) 529 Judgment/Order Summary
DG v. IBRD 528 Judgment/Order Summary
DL v. IBRD Judgment/Order
DE v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 527 Judgment/Order Summary
DD v. IBRD 526 Judgment/Order Summary
DC v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 525 Judgment/Order Summary
DB v. IFC 524 Judgment/Order Summary
DA v. IBRD 523 Judgment/Order Summary
Ampah v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 522 Judgment/Order Summary
CZ v. IBRD 521 Judgment/Order Summary
Alrayes v. IFC (Preliminary Objection) 520 Judgment/Order Summary
CY v. IBRD 519 Judgment/Order Summary
BI (No. 3) v. IFC 518 Judgment/Order Summary
CX v. IFC 517 Judgment/Order Summary
CW v. IFC 516 Judgment/Order Summary
CV v. IBRD 515 Judgment/Order Summary
Bodo v. IBRD 514 Judgment/Order Summary
AI (No. 5) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Venkataraman (No. 2) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
CS v. IBRD 513 Judgment/Order Summary
CT v. IBRD 512 Judgment/Order Summary
CR v. IBRD 511 Judgment/Order Summary
AI (No. 4) v. IBRD 510 Judgment/Order
CQ v. IBRD 509 Judgment/Order Summary
Tweddle v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 508 Judgment/Order Summary
Pizarro v. IBRD 507 Judgment/Order Summary
CP v. IBRD 506 Judgment/Order Summary
Homolya v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 505 Judgment/Order Summary
CO (Nos. 1 and 2) v. IBRD 504 Judgment/Order Summary
CU v. IBRD Judgment/Order
CN (Nos. 1 and 2) v. IFC Judgment/Order
Dooh-Bill v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 503 Judgment/Order Summary
Al-Muthaffar v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 502 Judgment/Order Summary
Ghzala v. IBRD 501 Judgment/Order Summary
Venkataraman v. IBRD 500 Judgment/Order Summary
CL v. IBRD 499 Judgment/Order Summary
CK v. IBRD 498 Judgment/Order Summary
CJ v. IBRD 497 Judgment/Order Summary
Sekabaraga (No.2) v. IBRD 496 Judgment/Order Summary
CM v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Sabawi v. IBRD and IFC Judgment/Order
AI (No. 3) v. IBRD 495 Judgment/Order Summary
Sekabaraga v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 494 Judgment/Order Summary
do Sacramento v. IBRD 493 Judgment/Order Summary
CI v. IBRD 492 Judgment/Order Summary
Sisler v. IBRD 491 Judgment/Order Summary
Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 10) v. IBRD 490 Judgment/Order Summary
CH v. IBRD 489 Judgment/Order Summary
McIntosh v. IBRD 488 Judgment/Order Summary
CG v. IBRD 487 Judgment/Order Summary
CF v. IBRD 486 Judgment/Order Summary
Iqbal v. IBRD 485 Judgment/Order Summary
Lecuona v. IBRD 484 Judgment/Order Summary
CD v. IBRD 483 Judgment/Order Summary
CC v. IBRD 482 Judgment/Order Summary
BY (No.2) v. IBRD 481 Judgment/Order Summary
Mpoy (No. 8) v. IBRD 480 Judgment/Order Summary
CE v. IBRD (Preliminary Objection) 479 Judgment/Order Summary
Tanner v. IBRD 478 Judgment/Order Summary
Mpoy (No. 7) v. IBRD 477 Judgment/Order Summary
Pal (No.4) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
CB v. IBRD 476 Judgment/Order Summary
CA v. IBRD 475 Judgment/Order Summary
BZ v. IBRD 474 Judgment/Order Summary
Bhatia v. IBRD 473 Judgment/Order Summary
M (No. 2) v. IBRD 472 Judgment/Order Summary
BY v. IBRD 471 Judgment/Order Summary
BX v. IBRD 470 Judgment/Order Summary
Yoon (No. 21) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 9) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Nelsson v. IBRD Judgment/Order
BT v. IBRD 464 Judgment/Order
Escudero v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Sud v. IBRD Judgment/Order
M (No.2) v. IBRD 469 Judgment/Order
AS (No.2) v. IBRD 468 Judgment/Order
BW v. IBRD 467 Judgment/Order
BV v. IBRD 466 Judgment/Order
BU v. IBRD 465 Judgment/Order
Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 5) v. IBRD 463 Judgment/Order
Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 4) v. IBRD 462 Judgment/Order
Ratnam v. IBRD 461 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No.19) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
de Mariz Rozeira v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 20) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 6) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Kanja v. IBRD 460 Judgment/Order
BS v. IBRD 459 Judgment/Order
Denis v. IBRD 458 Judgment/Order
Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 2) v. IBRD 457 Judgment/Order
BR v. IBRD 456 Judgment/Order
BP v. IBRD 455 Judgment/Order
Taderera-Marimbe v. IBRD 454 Judgment/Order
BO v. IBRD 453 Judgment/Order
BK (No. 2) v. IBRD 452 Judgment/Order
BN v. IBRD 451 Judgment/Order
BM v. IBRD 450 Judgment/Order
Mpoy-Kamulayi (No. 3) v. IBRD 449 Judgment/Order
Kim (No. 1 and No. 2) v. IBRD 448 Judgment/Order
Yoon (Nos. 13, 14, 16, 17 and 18) v. IBRD 447 Judgment/Order
BQ v. IBRD Judgment/Order
O v. IBRD Judgment/Order
BL v. IBRD 446 Judgment/Order
BI (No. 2) v. IBRD 445 Judgment/Order
BK v. IBRD 444 Judgment/Order
BJ v. IFC 443 Judgment/Order
Lansky (No. 3) v. IBRD 442 Judgment/Order
Koclar v. IBRD 441 Judgment/Order
Mpoy-Kamulayi v. IBRD 440 Judgment/Order
BI v. IBRD 439 Judgment/Order
Q (No. 2) v. IBRD 438 Judgment/Order
AI (No. 2) v. IBRD 437 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 12) v. IBRD 436 Judgment/Order
BH v. IFC 435 Judgment/Order
BG v. IFC 434 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 15) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Lansky v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 11) v. IBRD 433 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 10) v. IBRD 432 Judgment/Order
AY v. IBRD 431 Judgment/Order
BF v. IBRD 430 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 9) v. IBRD 429 Judgment/Order
BD v. IBRD 428 Judgment/Order
BC v. IFC 427 Judgment/Order
AI v. IBRD 402 Judgment/Order
BB v. IBRD 426 Judgment/Order
Lansky (No. 1 and No. 2) v. IFC and IBRD 425 Judgment/Order
Aleem and Aleem v. IBRD 424 Judgment/Order
BA v. IBRD 423 Judgment/Order
AZ v. IBRD 422 Judgment/Order
AX v. IBRD 421 Judgment/Order
AW v. IBRD 420 Judgment/Order
AV v. IBRD 419 Judgment/Order
AU v. IBRD 418 Judgment/Order
AT v. IBRD 417 Judgment/Order
AS v. IBRD 416 Judgment/Order
AR v. IBRD 415 Judgment/Order
AP v. IBRD 414 Judgment/Order
AO v. IBRD 413 Judgment/Order
AQ v. IBRD 412 Judgment/Order
AN v. IBRD 411 Judgment/Order
AM v. IBRD 410 Judgment/Order
AL v. IBRD 409 Judgment/Order
AK v. IBRD 408 Judgment/Order
BE v. IBRD 407 Judgment/Order
Pal (No. 2) v. IBRD 406 Judgment/Order
Zime v. IBRD 405 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 8) v. IBRD 404 Judgment/Order
Homayoun v. IBRD 403 Judgment/Order
AH v.IBRD 401 Judgment/Order
Fischel v. IFC 400 Judgment/Order
Mbida-Essama v. IBRD 399 Judgment/Order
Jones v. IBRD 398 Judgment/Order
AG v. IBRD 397 Judgment/Order
R (No.2) v. IBRD 396 Judgment/Order
Nyambal (No. 2) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Nyambal (No.2) v. IBRD, IFC 395 Judgment/Order
AH v. IBRD 394 Judgment/Order
AF v. IBRD 393 Judgment/Order
AE v. IBRD 392 Judgment/Order
Oinas v. IBRD 391 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 6 and No. 7) v. IBRD 390 Judgment/Order
AJ v. IBRD 389 Judgment/Order
AD v. IBRD 388 Judgment/Order
Liu v. IBRD 387 Judgment/Order
AC v. IBRD 386 Judgment/Order
H (No. 4) v. IBRD 385 Judgment/Order
AA v. IBRD 384 Judgment/Order
Mills v. IBRD 383 Judgment/Order
H (No. 3) v. IBRD 382 Judgment/Order
AB v. IBRD 381 Judgment/Order
Z v. IBRD 380 Judgment/Order
L (No. 2) v. IBRD 379 Judgment/Order
V v. IBRD 378 Judgment/Order
U v. IBRD Judgment/Order
W v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Prudencio v. IBRD 377 Judgment/Order
T v. IBRD 376 Judgment/Order
H (No. 2) v. IBRD 375 Judgment/Order
O (No.2) v. IBRD 374 Judgment/Order
S v. IBRD 373 Judgment/Order
Moussavi (No.2) v. IBRD 372 Judgment/Order
R v. IBRD 371 Judgment/Order
Q v. IBRD 370 Judgment/Order
M v. IBRD 369 Judgment/Order
R v. IBRD 368 Judgment/Order
Yourougou v. IBRD 367 Judgment/Order
P v. IBRD 366 Judgment/Order
Pal v. IBRD 365 Judgment/Order
Hasselback v. IBRD 364 Judgment/Order
Malekpour (No.2) v. IBRD 363 Judgment/Order
N v. IBRD 362 Judgment/Order
G (No.2) v. IBRD 361 Judgment/Order
Moussavi v. IBRD 360 Judgment/Order
Pal v. IBRD 359 Judgment/Order
Shekib v. IBRD 358 Judgment/Order
Prakas v. IBRD 357 Judgment/Order
N v. IBRD 356 Judgment/Order
G (No. 2) v. IBRD 355 Judgment/Order
Moussavi v. IBRD 354 Judgment/Order
L v. IBRD 353 Judgment/Order
K v. IBRD 352 Judgment/Order
Motabar v. IBRD 351 Judgment/Order
Kwakwa (No. 2) v. IFC 350 Judgment/Order
J v. IFC 349 Judgment/Order
Donnelly-Roark v. IBRD 348 Judgment/Order
F (No. 2) v. IBRD 347 Judgment/Order
Motabar v. IBRD 346 Judgment/Order
I v. IBRD 345 Judgment/Order
DF v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Hitch v. IBRD 344 Judgment/Order
I v. IBRD 343 Judgment/Order
H v. IBRD 342 Judgment/Order
Oraro v. IFC 341 Judgment/Order
G v. IBRD 340 Judgment/Order
Rittner v. IBRD 339 Judgment/Order
Prasad v. IBRD 338 Judgment/Order
O v. IBRD 337 Judgment/Order
Sumbana v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Turja v. IBRD Judgment/Order
B (No. 2) v. IBRD 336 Judgment/Order
Rittner v. IBRD 335 Judgment/Order
Prasad v. IBRD 334 Judgment/Order
Malik v. IBRD 333 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 5) v. IBRD 332 Judgment/Order
Ingco v. IBRD 331 Judgment/Order
Rodriguez-Sawyer v. IBRD 330 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No.5) v. IBRD 329 Judgment/Order
Moss v. IBRD 328 Judgment/Order
Lusakueno-Kisongele v. IBRD 327 Judgment/Order
Perea v. IFC 326 Judgment/Order
E v. IBRD 325 Judgment/Order
Taborga (No. 2) v. IBRD 324 Judgment/Order
O v. IBRD 323 Judgment/Order
Malekpour v. IBRD 322 Judgment/Order
Jakub v. IBRD 321 Judgment/Order
Malekpour v. IBRD 320 Judgment/Order
Medlin v. IBRD 319 Judgment/Order
Mwake v. IBRD 318 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 4) v. IBRD 317 Judgment/Order
Schlemmer-Schulte v. IBRD 316 Judgment/Order
Desthuis-Francis v. IFC 315 Judgment/Order
Schiesari v. IFC 314 Judgment/Order
F v. IBRD 313 Judgment/Order
C (No.2) v. IBRD 312 Judgment/Order
Hayati (No. 2) v. IBRD 311 Judgment/Order
Peprah (No. 2) v. IFC 310 Judgment/Order
Bernstein v. IBRD 309 Judgment/Order
Harou (No. 2) v. IBRD 308 Judgment/Order
G. Khan v. IBRD 307 Judgment/Order
Elder v. IBRD 306 Judgment/Order
Ismail v. IBRD 305 Judgment/Order
D v. IFC 304 Judgment/Order
Bhatia v. IBRD 303 Judgment/Order
Fidel v. IBRD 302 Judgment/Order
Lavelle v. IBRD 301 Judgment/Order
Kwakwa v. IFC 300 Judgment/Order
Kopliku v. IFC 299 Judgment/Order
Means v. IBRD 298 Judgment/Order
Taborga v. IBRD 297 Judgment/Order
Hristodoulakis v. IBRD 296 Judgment/Order
Vick v. IBRD 295 Judgment/Order
Njovens v. IBRD 294 Judgment/Order
Khan v. IBRD 293 Judgment/Order
Martin del Campo v. IBRD 292 Judgment/Order
Opare v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Bhattacharya v. IBRD 291 Judgment/Order
M. Carter v. IBRD 290 Judgment/Order
de Silva v. IBRD 289 Judgment/Order
Bhatnagar v. IBRD 288 Judgment/Order
Kihara v. IBRD 287 Judgment/Order
Lehaney v. IBRD 286 Judgment/Order
Panthaki v. IBRD 285 Judgment/Order
Sutrisna v. IBRD 284 Judgment/Order
Stephens v. IBRD 283 Judgment/Order
Khanna v. IBRD 282 Judgment/Order
Blair v. IBRD 281 Judgment/Order
Islam v. IBRD 280 Judgment/Order
Dey v. IBRD 279 Judgment/Order
Ashouripour v. IBRD 278 Judgment/Order
Chavakula v. IBRD 277 Judgment/Order
Humaiyun v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Nyambal v. IBRD 276 Judgment/Order
Peprah v. IFC 275 Judgment/Order
Isaac v. IBRD 274 Judgment/Order
Harou v. IBRD 273 Judgment/Order
C v. IBRD 272 Judgment/Order
Conthe v. IBRD 271 Judgment/Order
Madabushi v. IBRD 257 Judgment/Order
Vanian v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Watson v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Huber v. IBRD 270 Judgment/Order
Gress v. IBRD 269 Judgment/Order
C v. IBRD 268 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 3) v. IBRD 267 Judgment/Order
Husain v. IBRD 266 Judgment/Order
Baartz (No.2) v. IBRD 265 Judgment/Order
Gokce v. IBRD 264 Judgment/Order
Uyanik v. IBRD 263 Judgment/Order
Biswas v. IBRD 262 Judgment/Order
Gilani v. IBRD 261 Judgment/Order
Marchesini v. IBRD 260 Judgment/Order
Bynum v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Tadesse v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Harun v. IBRD Judgment/Order
ED (No. 4) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Alcantara v. MIGA Judgment/Order
Reddy v. IFC Judgment/Order
Dossa v. IFC Judgment/Order
Waiser v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Mack v. IBRD Judgment/Order
EF v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Barquero v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Richardson (No. 2) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Goldman v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Walker Gary v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Ochieng v. IBRD Judgment/Order
ED (No. 4) v. IBRD 259 Judgment/Order
EF v. IBRD 256 Judgment/Order
Riddell v. IBRD 255 Judgment/Order
Sengamalay v. IBRD 254 Judgment/Order
Prescott v. IBRD 253 Judgment/Order
Yang v. IBRD 252 Judgment/Order
McGuire v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Sharpston v. IBRD 251 Judgment/Order
Amaral v. IBRD 250 Judgment/Order
EF v. IBRD 249 Judgment/Order
Yoon (No. 2) v. IBRD 248 Judgment/Order
B v. IBRD 247 Judgment/Order
Koudogbo v. IBRD 246 Judgment/Order
Nunberg v. IBRD 245 Judgment/Order
Arefeen v. IBRD 244 Judgment/Order
Dambita v. IBRD 243 Judgment/Order
Cissé v. IBRD 242 Judgment/Order
Lee v. IBRD 241 Judgment/Order
Singh v. The World Bank Group 240 Judgment/Order
Sweeney v. IBRD 239 Judgment/Order
A. Tucker v. IBRD 238 Judgment/Order
Levin v. IBRD 237 Judgment/Order
ED (No. 3) v. IBRD 236 Judgment/Order
Oben v. IBRD 235 Judgment/Order
Prescott v. IBRD 234 Judgment/Order
Yang v. IBRD 233 Judgment/Order
B. Thomas v. IBRD 232 Judgment/Order
Wasty v. IBRD 231 Judgment/Order
Mitra v. IBRD 230 Judgment/Order
Beacham v. IBRD 229 Judgment/Order
Pena v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Hayati v. IBRD 228 Judgment/Order
ED (No. 2) v. IBRD 227 Judgment/Order
Marshall v. IBRD 226 Judgment/Order
Bynum v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Zwaga v. IBRD 225 Judgment/Order
Garcia-Mujica (No. 2) v. IBRD 224 Judgment/Order
Herman v. IBRD 223 Judgment/Order
Hammond v. IBRD 222 Judgment/Order
Yoon v. IBRD 221 Judgment/Order
Reich v. IBRD 220 Judgment/Order
ED v. IBRD 219 Judgment/Order
Shenouda (No. 2) v. IBRD 218 Judgment/Order
Visser v. IBRD 217 Judgment/Order
Yasmin et al. v. IBRD Judgment/Order
Nguyen (No. 2) v. IBRD 216 Judgment/Order
Madhusudan v. IBRD 215 Judgment/Order
Caryk v. IBRD 214 Judgment/Order
Degiacomi v. IBRD 213 Judgment/Order
Brebion (No. 2) v. IBRD 212 Judgment/Order
Lysy v. IBRD 211 Judgment/Order
Mould v. IBRD 210 Judgment/Order
Bigman v. IBRD 209 Judgment/Order
Richardson v. IBRD 208 Judgment/Order
Mustafa v. IBRD 207 Judgment/Order
McKinney (No. 2) v. IBRD 206 Judgment/Order
Crevier v. IBRD 205 Judgment/Order
Kehyaian (No. 3) v. IBRD 204 Judgment/Order
Dussert v. IBRD 203 Judgment/Order
Courtney (No. 4) v. IBRD 202 Judgment/Order
McCall v. IBRD 201 Judgment/Order
Chhabra (No. 3) v. IBRD 200 Judgment/Order
Tagbo-Ogbuagu v. IBRD 199 Judgment/Order
Baartz v. IBRD 198 Judgment/Order
Rendall-Speranza v. IFC 197 Judgment/Order
Nguyen v. IBRD 196 Judgment/Order
Mustafa v. IBRD 195 Judgment/Order
McKinney (No.2) v. IBRD 194 Judgment/Order
Chhabra (No. 2) v. IBRD 193 Judgment/Order
Garcia-Mujica v. IBRD 192 Judgment/Order
Kocic v. IBRD 191 Judgment/Order
Nguyen v. IBRD 190 Judgment/Order
Niedzviecki v. IBRD 189 Judgment/Order
K. Singh v. IBRD 188 Judgment/Order
McKinney v. IBRD 187 Judgment/Order
A (No. 2) v. IBRD 186 Judgment/Order
Ezatkhah v. IBRD 185 Judgment/Order
Marrou v. IFC 184 Judgment/Order
McKinney v. IBRD 183 Judgment/Order
A v. IBRD 182 Judgment/Order
Hoezoo v. IBRD 181 Judgment/Order
Teitel v. IBRD 180 Judgment/Order
Van Vugt v. IBRD 179 Judgment/Order
Caronjot v. IBRD 178 Judgment/Order
Shenouda v. IBRD 177 Judgment/Order
Barnes v. IBRD 176 Judgment/Order
Carter v. IBRD 175 Judgment/Order
Guya v. IBRD 174 Judgment/Order
Naab v. IBRD 173 Judgment/Order
Sethi v. IFC 172 Judgment/Order
Romain (No.2) v. IBRD Judgment/Order
EE (No. 2) v. IBRD 171 Judgment/Order
Nkojo (No. 2) v. IBRD 170 Judgment/Order
Teferra v. IBRD 169 Judgment/Order
Denning v. IBRD 168 Judgment/Order
Walden v. IBRD 167 Judgment/Order
Kahenzadeh v. IBRD 166 Judgment/Order
Brannigan v. IBRD 165 Judgment/Order
Romain (No. 2) v. IBRD 164 Judgment/Order
Khatabakhsh v. IBRD 163 Judgment/Order
Aziz v. IBRD 162 Judgment/Order
Arellano (No. 2) v. IBRD 161 Judgment/Order
Naab v. IBRD 160 Judgment/Order
Brebion v. IBRD 159 Judgment/Order
Smith v. IBRD 158 Judgment/Order
McNeill v. IBRD 157 Judgment/Order
Montasser v. IBRD 156 Judgment/Order
Witter v. IBRD Judgment/Order
S. Thomas v. IBRD 155 Judgment/Order
Courtney (No. 3) v. IBRD 154 Judgment/Order
Courtney (No. 2) v. IBRD 153 Judgment/Order
Lewin v. IBRD 152 Judgment/Order
Yousufzi v. IBRD 151 Judgment/Order
Nkojo v. IBRD 150 Judgment/Order
Kepper v. IFC 149 Judgment/Order
EE v. IBRD 148 Judgment/Order
Lopez v. IBRD 147 Judgment/Order
Sjamsubahri v. IBRD 145 Judgment/Order
Courtney v. IBRD 144 Judgment/Order
Planthara v. IBRD 143 Judgment/Order
Carew v. IBRD 142 Judgment/Order
Abadian v. IBRD 141 Judgment/Order
O’Humay v. IBRD 140 Judgment/Order
Chhabra v. IBRD 139 Judgment/Order
Moses (No. 2) v. IBRD 138 Judgment/Order
Bori v. IBRD 137 Judgment/Order
Romain v. IBRD 136 Judgment/Order
Snyder v. IBRD 135 Judgment/Order
Setia v. IBRD 134 Judgment/Order
Samuel-Thambiah v. IBRD 133 Judgment/Order
Rae (No. 2) v. IBRD 132 Judgment/Order
King v. IBRD 131 Judgment/Order
Kehyaian (No. 2) v. IBRD 130 Judgment/Order
Bredero v. IBRD 129 Judgment/Order
Atwood v. IFC 128 Judgment/Order
Addy v. IBRD 146 Judgment/Order
de Jong (No. 2) v. IFC 127 Judgment/Order
Tuluy v. IBRD 126 Judgment/Order
Roncal v. IBRD 125 Judgment/Order
Roche v. IFC 124 Judgment/Order
Ketema v. IBRD 123 Judgment/Order
Hafeez v. IBRD 122 Judgment/Order
Farvacque v. IBRD 121 Judgment/Order
Eyassu v. IBRD 120 Judgment/Order
Canada v. IBRD 119 Judgment/Order
Briscoe v. IBRD 118 Judgment/Order
Shaffer v. IBRD 117 Judgment/Order
Reyes v. IBRD 116 Judgment/Order
Moses v. IBRD 115 Judgment/Order
Agerschou v. IBRD 114 Judgment/Order
Moret v. IBRD 113 Judgment/Order
Vollmer v. IBRD 112 Judgment/Order
Bellini, Thu Le and Kellerman v. IBRD 111 Judgment/Order
Andrews, Bonhomme and Charles-Baveghems v. IBRD 110 Judgment/Order
Alleyne, Boyd, Huang, Knorr, Landwehr, Lawrence, Park, Quintos, Slinkard, Villanasco and Wong v. IBRD 109 Judgment/Order
Abdi et al. v. IBRD 108 Judgment/Order
Maningas v. IBRD 107 Judgment/Order
Gabriel v. IBRD 106 Judgment/Order
J. Singh v. IBRD 105 Judgment/Order
Azhar v. IBRD 104 Judgment/Order
Mathew v. IBRD 103 Judgment/Order
Verdier v. IBRD 102 Judgment/Order
Fabara-Núñez v. IBRD 101 Judgment/Order
Jassal v. IBRD 100 Judgment/Order
K. Berg (No. 2) v. IBRD 99 Judgment/Order
Arellano v. IBRD 98 Judgment/Order
Kassab v. IBRD 97 Judgment/Order
Georgiev v. IBRD 96 Judgment/Order
Ramorasoavina v. IBRD 95 Judgment/Order
Pavesich v. IBRD 94 Judgment/Order
Wahie v. IBRD 93 Judgment/Order
Lindsay v. IBRD 92 Judgment/Order
Harrison (No. 2) v. IBRD 91 Judgment/Order
Fernandes v. IBRD 90 Judgment/Order
de Jong v. IFC 89 Judgment/Order
Klempin v. IBRD 88 Judgment/Order
A. Berg (No. 2) v. IBRD 87 Judgment/Order
Hammond, d’Adhemar, Struthers, Geraghty and Sopher v. IBRD, IFC 86 Judgment/Order
de Raet v. IBRD 85 Judgment/Order
Sukkar v. IBRD 84 Judgment/Order
Apergis v. IBRD 83 Judgment/Order
Montesa v. IBRD 82 Judgment/Order
Bertrand v. IBRD 81 Judgment/Order
Buyten (No. 2) v. IBRD 80 Judgment/Order
Steinke v. IBRD 79 Judgment/Order
Robinson v. IBRD 78 Judgment/Order
Spier v. IBRD 77 Judgment/Order
Agodo et al. v. IBRD 76 Judgment/Order
Dhillon v. IBRD 75 Judgment/Order
Rae v. IBRD 74 Judgment/Order
A. Berg v. IBRD 73 Judgment/Order
Buyten v. IBRD 72 Judgment/Order
Cardenas v. IBRD 71 Judgment/Order
Chakra v. IBRD 70 Judgment/Order
Breton v. IBRD 69 Judgment/Order
R. Tucker v. IBRD 68 Judgment/Order
Sopher and Staples v. IBRD 67 Judgment/Order
Gavidia v. IFC 66 Judgment/Order
Kaplan v. IBRD 65 Judgment/Order
Witty v. IBRD 64 Judgment/Order
Papinchak v. IBRD 63 Judgment/Order
Hunger v. IBRD 62 Judgment/Order
Hovsepian v. IBRD 61 Judgment/Order
Dosik v. IBRD 60 Judgment/Order
Benner v. IBRD 59 Judgment/Order
Apkarian v. IBRD 58 Judgment/Order
Sebastian (No. 2) v. IBRD 57 Judgment/Order
Pinto v. IBRD 56 Judgment/Order
Pruthi v. IBRD 55 Judgment/Order
Knox v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 54 Judgment/Order
Harrison v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 53 Judgment/Order
Vandenheede v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 52 Judgment/Order
Berg v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 51 Judgment/Order
Ziegler v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 50 Judgment/Order
Vincent-Smith v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 49 Judgment/Order
Selehdar v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 48 Judgment/Order
Sebastian v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 47 Judgment/Order
Redfern v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 46 Judgment/Order
Preston v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 45 Judgment/Order
Myers v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 44 Judgment/Order
Knapp v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 43 Judgment/Order
Delmonte v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 42 Judgment/Order
Agodo v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 41 Judgment/Order
The World Bank Staff Association v. IBRD, IFC, IDA 40 Judgment/Order
M. de Vuyst, Homsieh v. IBRD 39 Judgment/Order
von Stauffenberg, Ganuelas, Leach v. The World Bank 38 Judgment/Order
Imhoof v. IBRD 37 Judgment/Order
Fairbairn v. IBRD 36 Judgment/Order
Gamble v. IBRD 35 Judgment/Order
M. van Gent (No. 9) v. IBRD 34 Judgment/Order
M. van Gent (No. 8) v. IBRD 33 Judgment/Order
Lamson Scribner, Jr. v. IBRD 32 Judgment/Order
Rossini v. IBRD 31 Judgment/Order
Thompson v. IBRD 30 Judgment/Order
Kirk v. IBRD 29 Judgment/Order
Gyamfi v. IBRD 28 Judgment/Order
Broemser v. IBRD 27 Judgment/Order
Mendaro v. IBRD 26 Judgment/Order
Mr. Y v. IFC 25 Judgment/Order
Durrant-Bell v. IBRD 24 Judgment/Order
Einthoven v. IBRD 23 Judgment/Order
M. van Gent (No. 7) v. IBRD 22 Judgment/Order
M. van Gent (No. 6) v. IBRD 21 Judgment/Order
M. van Gent (No. 5) v. IBRD 20 Judgment/Order
M. van Gent (No. 4) v. IBRD 19 Judgment/Order
M. van Gent (No. 3) v. IBRD 18 Judgment/Order
Polak v. IBRD 17 Judgment/Order
Mr. X v. IBRD 16 Judgment/Order
Justin v. The World Bank 15 Judgment/Order
Gregorio v. IBRD 14 Judgment/Order
M. van Gent (No. 2) v. IBRD 13 Judgment/Order
Matta v. IBRD 12 Judgment/Order
M. van Gent v. IBRD 11 Judgment/Order
Salle v. IBRD 10 Judgment/Order
Skandera v. The World Bank 9 Judgment/Order
Novak v. IBRD 8 Judgment/Order
Buranavanichkit v. IBRD 7 Judgment/Order
Suntharalingam v. IBRD 6 Judgment/Order
Saberi v. IBRD 5 Judgment/Order
Scott v. IBRD 4 Judgment/Order
Kavoukas, Parham v. IBRD 3 Judgment/Order
Skandera v. The World Bank 2 Judgment/Order
de Merode, Lamson Scribner, Jr., Reese, Reisman Toof, Ruberl, Shapiro v. The World Bank 1 Judgment/Order